Friday, April 1, 2011

Girls Festivals in Budapest

Budapest is for sure the festival city, there is a festival for everything. No matter if it is music, food or drink festivals you can be sure that there is a time in every year where local and international producers or artists come together in Budapest to present themselves, their products and their music. To give an overview about festivals in Budapest and also elsewhere in Hungary here will be a list and a short description about many festivals. I for sure do not know all festivals happening in Budapest and when exactly they will be as there are simply too many. Very popular are festivals about Hungarian food and drinks such as Sausage, Wine or Pálinka but also there are tons of music festivals out of which the Sziget Festival in Budapest is probably the best known.

Even though many festivals tend to be very similar in terms of what is offered there it is very nice to go out and have a few specialities of Hungary from local producers and try different, new things. There are for example several wine festivals, a Pálinka and Wine festival and a Pálinka festival so you will find here many times the same producers with the same offers. But anyways you will not be able to try all wines or all Pálinkas at once. The critics of similarity is rather about what is offered around like the food for example. You have the same sausages on every festival, christmas market and so on which is a bit annoying but on the other hand what else should they offer.

So here come some festivals which you should not miss each year and there are plenty more. So if you know a cool festival, even outside of Budapest let me know in the comments.



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